We are offering several new Premade Meals!!!!!

* White Chicken Chili    $10.00 quart

* Baked Spaghetti with (shredded chicken or Beef)    $20.00 (serves 4)

* Beef Lasagna    $7.00 (individual size),  $12.00 (serves 2)

* Chicken Pies

Our Chicken Pies are made with our Pasture Raised Chicken.  They contain only the best ingredients.  The crust is our custom recipe that contains No Trans Fats or Hydrogenated Oils.

We offer our pies in two different styles:  Moravian Chicken Pies (only chicken and broth)  

                                                                  Chicken Pot Pies (Contains vegetables and chicken)

Large Pies 9" (usually serve 4 people). $20.00

Individual Pies 5"                                   $7.00